History of Arnaud

Arnaud (born April 15, 1979 in Paris) is a French chef and entrepreneur.  His company ‘Arnaud Foods’ was founded in 2012 after a decade of experience in the food industry and a lifetime obsession with flavours.  Arnaud flourishes at the opportunity of providing others with beautiful things and has since brought his finest delicacies from France to China for all to enjoy.

The company began as an exclusive luxury gift service providing corporate clients with exquisite packages for their VIPs, employees, families and friends during celebrations, festivals and holidays throughout the year. It is during this period that the brand quickly established a reputation for delivering high-level products and services to its customers.


Upon this success, the company explored various channels for growth and expansion of the now recognized and trusted brand through various retail opportunities or wholesale purchasing services to Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers.

In 2014, riding on the success of their gifting service, the company secured the rights to sell their main product (French Macarons) throughout Southwest China in the internationally recognized coffee chain Pacific Coffee. Selling our macarons throughout 20 store locations was an important milestone for Arnaud. Click here to see our current locations.

Sophistication, consistent quality and tradition are the heart of the Arnaud brand. 


As a company we are constantly looking for delicious new foreign foods to bring to market and new ways to expand our reach across Southwest China. The combination of quality products, great design and exceptional service will fuel continual ambitious growth for the company in coming years.